Monday, August 25, 2008

Puerto Rico

Hello Friends and Family,


Just got back from Puerto Rico!


Along with the NBA Cares Foundation, we joined with many of the retired NBA players now Legends and we fitted 150 kids in the San Juan area with new hearing aids!  We also gave each child a new basketball and it was fun to see them go up to all the NBA players and ask for their autographs. 


These kids radiated with hope as they can now hear and to see their confidence and self-esteem improve is a very satisfying/rewarding thing to see.


I've attached my favorite photo of a young boy who beamed with his new hearing.   You can also click on the link below to see more pics.



So the World May Hear!




Karen Harding said...

Hi Justin ,

I love to travel the world with you on your ventures! It's wonderful that these children received the gift of hearing, so a basketball too was a lovely bonus.

I watched your interview from You Tube & it humbled me. I have been blessed with good hearing & I moan about the neighbours dog constantly yapping, also the local kids keep ringing my doorbell('Knock Down Ginger') & I have resorted to putting my alarm clock in the draw as it ticks so loud that it keeps me awake! You are right, we take our hearing for granted, how blessed I am to hear that good! Thank you for the reminder, my friend!

I hope you will take time to touch base once in a while with your family & friends, please don't wear yourself out.

Lots of Love,
Your BSL buddy,


Meg said...

Justin! You have such an amazing spirit about you! Keep up all the good work and please keep in touch with us! We need to come down and have you show us that waterfall you found! It was stunning!

Anonymous said...

hey justin, this is Tiffany Morton. Im a friend of leland and linda richins, actually i like to call them my grandparents. they are so great. anyways they had told me a bit about you and now i have somehow found your blog. so i just wanted to say hello. if ya wanna talk go ahead and send me a email at you sound like a great kid and it would be fun to get to know you:) see ya! hope to hear from ya.

Karyn said...

How come no updates since August? What happened to your webpage?

Karyn said...

Hi Justin. I got to met your Dad today at a Stake Fireside today. And I asked him to pass a message on to you to start blogging again. Please do.

I really enjoyed your dad's fireside.