Monday, March 12, 2007

Hello Guys!

I thought this would be a fun way to keep in touch with you all! Let's have some fun with this and keep me posted on all you do!

Look forward to hearing from you soon,



Thedo said...

Hi Justin! We met in Holland last October at the fanmeeting, remember: I was the only male fan (lol). Just wanted to say I love your site! Great to see all you're doing! I met your dad in Belgium two weeks ago and it was awesome! We had a great day. I'll be coming back to your site to check up on you! All the best, take care, Thedo (Holland)(

Jennifer Wales said...

Hi Justin,
What a wonderful surprise - you have a personal website!
Teresa has done a wonderful job. Love all the detail and photo's.
We met last year at Craig-y-Nos and my sister Ruth and I gave you the Welsh polo shirt that you proudly wore for the archery competition.
Looking forward to checking in with you and hearing all your news.
Bye for now,
Love Jennifer

Kathy said...

Hey, this is great!! Thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to checking in again.

Kathy and Company


Karen in L.A. said...

Hi Jozzie,

LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact you now have your own website! Good yor you! Keep up the good work my friend!


jacquelynnel said...

Hey Justin

Following The osmonds since I was 10, (now 43) being interested in their family seems so natural, Was lucky enough to meet your father in Fernham Hall, Fareham, a couple of years ago and spotted you near the ticket office, wish I had said hello, still hello now, and I will check in again soon
Love Jaquie xx

grietje said...

Hi Justin,
Congratulations with your beautyful website, Teresa did a great job.
Thanks for sharing so many pictures and telling us so much about your life.
And thanks again for being with us at the fangattering last october over here in the Netherlands. It was very special to meet you and your lovely sister Heather.
I wish you lots of succes with the good work you do with the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Love Grietje.
(the lady who won the Dropouts T-shirt)

SporeKate said...
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SporeKate said...

Congratulations Justin!
This is a wonderful website. Teresa has really done a great job. Love all the photo's and personal details that you are sharing with the fans.

The Starkey corner in particular I find truly inspirational. The smile of those kids ... combined with yours... we can all shine our Light can't we, just by helping each other.

Keep up the inspirational work, and I am so glad you found your calling to not only make others happy, but also be happy yourself in the process.

All the best and take care!
Sincerely, Kate Mathot (Holland)

nzkate said...

Hi Justin,
Great website! I have been an Osmond fan for almost 35 years now and it's great to now get to know other members of your amazing family. Your family was inspirational in my family joing the LDS church back in the early eighties (goodness knows where I may have been had I not joined!!) and I have just been sealed to my husband in our New Zealand temple which was an amazing and beautiful experience. Being from New Zealand, we don't get many opportunities to meet any of you, although meeting Donny last year was one of my better moments! But with the power of the almighty (!!) internet at least we can keep in touch and let you know how special and inspirational you are to all of us. Keep up the great work you are doing and I'll be back often to hear all of your news. Take care, Kate

Wendy said...

Hi Justin,

Great to see your new website. You have grown into such an amazing person; your parents must be so proud of you. Keep up the good work. We're all proud of you, too.

God Bless,
Wendy : D

Gayla said...

The web site is neat! I wish you the best in your work!

I saw you are a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society. I am, too. I went to Southwest Missouri State.

Best wishes!

Helen said...

Wonderful site and lovely photos. I will check it out often. Well done to you and Teresa.

Sheila S. said...

Nice site, Justin! Teresa did a great job on it.

Shane O. said...

Justin! You are the best brother that starts with a J! We sure love you! I love your website. Hurry back down to have some more fun with us! Aspen and Andelyn are anxious for you to buy them more ice cream!!!



Elaine said...

Hi Justin,congrats on a great site.
You have some FAB pictures,those children smiling wearing there hearing aids is a sight to behold.The family shots are great,it is so nice to see the whole family having a good time, the one of your dad having his hair washed in the stream is sooooooooooo funny.
I have heard alot of nice things from friends who met you in Wales,would love to say hello one day.
Love to all of the family, take care.

mfk1022 said...

hi justin,
Some where I have apicture of 2 yr old you sitting on my lap.Great website I'll be sure to return often.

Anita - South Yorkshire said...

What a wonderful idea you had in starting your own site. It was a pleasure to read and the photos are fabulous. Looking forward to many more of your adventures and pictures. Take care.

ConnieBranson said...

Justin -- so great to have a way to keep up with what's happening in your life! The site looks great!


Karen Harding said...

Hello my BSL Buddy!

Great to see you have your own website, Teresa did a good job! love the photos! Do you only have 2 lots of friends that are brave enough to have their photos taken with you? LOL! Last time I got cosy with a shark was at Universal Studios! Hope you got the castle pics I sent via your dad.

I've had a soft spot for you since you charmed everyone in 1980, even made a badge from a picture I took of you! My, how you've grown!

Tried to ask your mother some questions about you at the airport New Year, but a certain fan wouldn't let me get a word in edgeways!

What methods exactly were used to help you audio/visually, I'm sure I can't be the only one interested.

Have fun my friend, & thanks for allowing us to get to know you better, hope you can do likewise,


KARENxxx The 'A' Team

Kevin said...

Congrats! I'm a proud owner of Starkey daVinci. Come to NYC and meet us fellow deafies, ok?

annie aarts said...

Hello Justin...

Wow..what a great way to visit your site...teresa did a good job for you...sure love the way you set up your inspire me to come back often and see your work you always annie aarts { netherland}

Tracey Beaumont said...

Hi Justin!
Its a great website, Teresa did a great job. I just love looking at the family photos, thanks for sharing them with us. Hope to see you when your dad comes over to The UK next. I will visit this site often and catch up with your news.
Take care
Tracey Beaumont x

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin,
I saw you on Oprah and wanted to give my condolences to you and your family on the death of your grandfather. I'm hoping that you will visit us again in Eunice, Louisiana to see the progress of the clinic! We really miss you!
Cathy Duplechin

booklover said...

Hey, great blog! Hope life's treating you well. Say hello to your family for me :)

debbie direen said...

Hi Jus,
Great job you did duty the gala you are truly remarkable. Thanks for your lovely email you are truly a friend of mine too.
As I said to you in Vegas you have the gift of healing I feel it in you.
Love always