Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Highlights from Los Cabos, Mexico

Hello friends,

I just got back from Los Cabos, Mexico where we helped approximately 200 children with the gift of better hearing. NBC Nightly News came down with us and put together a nice documentary on it. It hasn't been aired yet, but when they announce it... I'll be sure to let you know.

There are no words to describe what it's like for a child to hear for his/her very first time. They truly light up like a Christmas Tree as they hear their mom's voice for their first time! It reconnects their friends, family, and loved ones. May we never take the gift of hearing for granted. A father of a young daughter told me before we left Mexico: "Never measure your life by the days you have lived, but by the smiles you have left behind." May we all do likewise in our daily lives and live in a way so that we are leaving smiles behind. ;o)

Please share with me the new pics updated from the Los Cabos Mission.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Happy Easter!



Teresa Heard said...

Hey Justin! I love the photos of Mexico - makes me want to go there! NOW! ha

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin!!

Great webcite!! well done!! :0)

Will pop in from time to time to catch up


Karen Harding said...

Hi Justin,

I used to take my hearing for granted, but my dad was a musician and, like your dad, his hearing has suffered due to the loud music. He wears 2 hearing aidsnow. My mum's hearing is also wavering, due to age. Also I study BSL if you remember, so we visit deaf clubs as part of our course, which really makes you appreciate what you have.

I envy you, my friend, that you can do a job you love, where you can make a difference everyday!(It shows in the photos!) I can well imagine the faces of those who hear for the first time!

Keep up the good work, buddy!



Anonymous said...

Justin, thank you for sharing all your pictures with us. I love seeing the little smiling faces of children & what a great blessing to have it be twofold with being able to hear! That must be a highly rewarding job. I loved hearing you speak on it several years ago at a GT for your dad in UT, made me weep with happiness.
I love receiving the Starkey letters on all the foundation does, I will continue to give all I can for this great charity.
Thank you for your site, love it!
Julie Randall (MO)

Anonymous said...


AWESOME JOB, my friend. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Really puts our Starkey Fundraisers in perspective and gives us more incentive to raise money.


Anonymous said...

hi justin! I know you are proud of who you are. I am deaf so are my kids, sisters, nieces, nephew, mom and so on.All of them are totally deaf so hearing aids don't work with them so we use sign languages, so wonder if you know how to sign? Because i know you have 2 uncles who are deaf that is how i attract to osmonds because of Virl and Tomy since i was 12 years old. hope you do see this comment. thanks..