Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Im back....

Hello friends~
Im sorry it's been a while since Ive updated my blog.  I made a new resolution to do better on my blog from here on out!  I appreciate all of your comments and love hearing from you!
Here's a recap of what has happened in my fast lane...   I just got back from a world tour to help provide the gift of better hearing to children in Turkey, India, Africa, Egypt, Romania, and Honduras.  But due to the fact that my Grandfather George passed away, I had to leave and come home early.  We went on the Oprah Show and paid tribute to my wonderful Grandpa!  I sure love him and will miss his sweet spirit!   But not for long...   Long Live KIng George!!!  ;o)  
I've enjoyed celebrating with my dad his 50 years of being in the entertainment business!  He sure makes me proud and Im honored to be his son!   Thanks to all who have supported him over the years!
Like I mentioned, I'll do better in updating my blog this year! 
Thanks again for all your friendship and love!!!
Justin Osmond


Candace E. Salima said...

Hey Justin - just dropped by to say "hi." Sounds like you're busy as usual. My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your grandfather. I know he'll be missed by many.

Have a great day -- I'll link your blog to mine. Thanks for all the great work you do!

Kathy said...

Hi Justin,
Wow...what a wonderful work you
are doing. I am so impressed, that at such a young age, you are so deeply committed to the service of others. First your church mission and now helping so many around the world to be able to experience the joy of hearing. I have heard your father talk about you and the tears in his eyes and the pride in his voice speak volumes as to how much he loves you. Heavenly Father truly has a special spirit and valiant servant in you.
God Bless
Kathy B.

Little Heather said...

Hi Justin,
Happy New Year.
How wonderful to hear all the work you do! What a great example you are and a follower of Christ.
It was wonderful to hear you say how proud you were to be your Dad (Merrill's)son. In this world we live in that is a very rare thing. I know he loves you and is so proud of you too.
Have a great year, and hopefully we will see you again in the U.K. in the coming year.
Take care and love & God bless,
yourlittle friend,
Heather E. xxx

Anonymous said...

Justin, the experience seeing the Taj must have been fantastic! That restoom photo!! Wow! We are so blessed in this country & too often forget what we do have.
What sweet happy faces, what a wonderful fulfilling job it must be, carry on, my friend! Continue giving hope.
Keep on truckin!
Julie R

Karen Harding said...

Hi Buddy, Missed you, something we said? LOL!

I met your granpa many times, we felt your loss, & am just glad he's back in the arms of his sweetheart.

I am so proud of the work you do. It must be very humbling to see the conditions some of these people live in & to give them hope.

I especially love to see the photos of you with the children, you have a way with them.

I passed my BSL, Lvel 2 recently. I was made redundant from my job just before Christmas so am now looking for work where I can use that talent, maybe in schools?

I hope we get to see you again in 2008, maybe with your dad?

Enjoy the journey, my friend!

Lots of Love,


kim said...

Hi Justin
thanks for updated your site i love the photos what a wonderful job you have seeing those children with you i had tears in my eyes how awesome your job must make you feel too.Keep up the great work you do . we too are proud of your father and all the osmonds , but i must say im very proud of you too your parents im sure are bursting with pride .
im too sorry of father osmonds passing but thinking of him with mother must be wonderful. i never have been able to meet them but feel like i know them threw all of the fans who have seen them
many blessing in 08 for you and your family

KareBear said...

Will you blog some about your life or just your hearing mission?? Some of us know nothing about you other than your an Osmond,and would like to read more about your life experiences.

* wallflower * said...

You are a shining example for your generation, Justin. Be proud of yourself for your goals and the many accomplishments you have already made. You have some lovely photos on your website. I've added your links to my blog -- it's very interesting to me to follow journeys like yours. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Dear Elder Osmond,

Hey buddy I was just thinking about you today and thought I might be able to find you on the internet and...here you are!

I just wanted to tell you what a joy it was to serve with you in the England Manchester Mission for the LDS Church. I always enjoyed seeing your warm smile and our visits. I am so glad to see that you are continuing to serve those around you and are making such a great difference for the lives of others.

As I was checking out your pictures with the "famous" people you associate with I feel like the honor is all theirs; as you are the one who is famous in my eyes. Your dedicated service to the people of England and Wales to bring them closer unto Christ will never be forgotten and your service to the community is remarkable.

I am so glad that you are doing so well. Thanks for being so awesome and for being an inspiration to many. I don't think the foundation could have a better person for their public relations person. You are such a delight to be around. Although it's been ten years since I have seen you I will never forget the delight it was to serve with you.

With Admiration,

Elder Steve Gutke, EMM

D said...

Hi Justin, This is my first vist to your web page, Im sure it wont be my last. Hope to come and vist you again. Debbie

KareBear said...

Can you put more landscape pictures up on your website or here on your blog?? You have some fam pictures that have beautiful scenery... more scenery please.

Fletcher's Family said...

Hi Justin,
I came across your Blog which was totally unexpected. I admire your work with the Starky Hearing Foundation. That is so awesome and I am sure the children and people who are fitted with hearing aides are thrilled to hear their first sounds. I know I was. The spark in your smile has really grown since I last saw you---it's amazing what the Lord's work can do and you are a shining example of His work. Your stories and pictures are fascinating and I am almost jealous because I would have love doing your job! Hope all is well with you! Kelli Fletcher

Fletcher's Family said...

Hey Justin,
I came across your Blog page and it was totally unexpected! I am amazed at what you have done with the Starky Hearing Foundation. It is amazing what a hearing aid can do to benefit the life of a child or individual. I know it changed my life. You have changed so much since I last saw you--the Lord's work can truly bless those and you are a shining example of His work. I am almost jealous of your job going to different countries and making a difference in the lives of others. I would have love to do something like this. What a great example you are!
Kelli Fletcher

Fletcher's Family said...

Oops.. I emailed that twice!! Sorry!! you can just delete one of them!

Adam and Jessica Cooley said...

Hi Justin, I haven't talked to you in ages but I found your blog and thought I'd see how you were doing. It looks like you're doing well and I'm so glad! You're just as busy as ever and doing as much good as ever. Down here in good 'ol AZ things are awesome...you'll have to check my blog for an update. Good luck with EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Hello Justin! Don't know if you remember me, but that's OK. I am happy to see that you have a blog. I have to tell you that I think you are a great person that I admire. I admire people like you that think also of others and try to make others people life better. I hope to one day be able to do the same.

I am also glad to hear that you came to visit Romania, my country. Hope you enjoyed you trip.

Wish you only the best!