Thursday, May 3, 2007

Howdy folks...

I just got back from doing 3 more Domestic Hearing Missions... On April 14-15, we fitted over 100 patients with the new top of the line hearing aids. The NRA helped sponsor this event. Then on April 22-23, we headed to Dallas to help 150 more kids. With the NFL Alumni as one of our partners, they helped make this event possible. Then I headed out to a small town called Marion, Illinois. Here we fitted about 130 patients with the best hearing aids money can buy. The theme for this event was 'Curious George' so they had me dress up as the Man in the Yellow Hat. And I had Curious George, the monkey on my shoulder the whole time. The kids loved it! ;o)
The one thing that I have learned from these three events in the month of April is a quote from Thomas S. Monson: "We build up our income by what we get, but we build up our lives by what we give."


Anonymous said...

Hi J ~

Thanks for explaining the Yellow suit and Curious George PICS! LOL.

Thanks for all you do to help hte hearing impaired. Keep up the awesome work!

Karen in L.A.

Jenny B said...

Hi Justin

Love the work you do over in the States, I raise money and awareness here for two charities, on for orfaned children, the other for abused women, personally recently helping those close to me with terminal cancer. I agree nothing ever can buy the feeling you get from helping others, it is why I feel we are here.
Keep up the great work.
Love from Jenny xx UK

Anonymous said...

Which company's hearing aids do you supply most of, and is there a reason for this?

Debby Church said...

Hi Justin,
Looks like your doing great work--Im a nurse (LPN)-you definetly inspire me to do more volunteer work in my community--
Debby New Jersey

SporeKate said...

Hi Justin

It's great that you have been given so many donations that you can do all these missions, both at home and abroad. Can you perhaps give us some tips as to how we could do the same, if we wanted to also help the Starkey Hearing Foundation? Where does one begin, and how do you approach them?
Maybe you could make that a next blog?

You are making such a huge difference in people's lives, that it must be giving you a really good feeling! In admiration,

Love from
SporeKate in Holland

Pravail said...

Hi Justin,

Thanks for sharing the pictures from the people who get the gift you are helping to share. Sometimes all someone needs is someone who will be that helping hand to help them reach new heights.

Little Heather said...

Hi Justin,

Congrads on so many accomplishments with these missions. How happy you have made those children and given then a whole new world.

What a wonderful person you are to go out and serve. Thank you for your example and for your determination.

Hope to see you in the U.k. soon with your family.

Love ya always, your little English pal,

Heather x

Zena said...

Hi Justin,

It's great to see the photos from your recent trips to Dallas and Marion!
It must be so rewarding to see the happiness you bring to the children you are able to help!

Take care and thanks for keeping in touch with us!!

I love that quote!!!

Zena x (England)

Anonymous said...

Are you married?

karen j said...

are the events you attend ever open for public volunteers?

Julie said...
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Anonymous said...

It's time for another blog!
You know we are dying to hear all about it - how did the Starkey Gala go this year? And why was Aunt Marie helping Donny out in Vegas that night?

Curious Katherine (instead of George! lol)

grietje said...

Hi Justin,
it's good to hear from you again.
It's great that you can help so many people with that money The Starkey Foundation raised with the Gala.
Hope to see you in Las Vegas next month.

Love & Hugs from,
Grietje.( The Netherlands)

SarahLee said...

the kids i nanny for watch "curious george" every morning during breakfast and every time that man in the yellow hat comes on, i think of you because of this and the pictures you posted :)

me said...

where's the blogging??

karyn said...

Justin.. when are you going to post again? I like hearing about what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Justin, your blog looks really great. Please check out mine at
Much Love
Ty Poulson
Paralysis is not a handicap either. I don't let it slow me down!

Candace E. Salima said...

Love President Monson's quote . . . good words to live by.

dancilhoney said...

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