Saturday, July 19, 2008

Heaven on Earth

Hello again…


This last weekend,  I went up Ephraim Canyon with my cousin Tommy and my uncle Tom.  What I saw and experienced was probably the most spectacular view my eyes have ever beheld on planet earth.  And it so happens to be right in my backyard up in the mtns.  The pictures don't even give the scenery justice,  but it's the best I can show ya…   Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Whoa, dude that is gorgeous! Reminds me of pictures I've seen of Engedi south of Jerusalem!
I love those little hidden places we find that seems made just for our pleasure.
I bet the sound of those falls were awesome too!
My husband & I love to explore those things others pass by on highways & seems they are usually water related like caves & falls like these.
We recently found one in the heart of an urban sprawl while out riding our bicycles on a trail the other day.
Thank you for sharing the great pictures!
Julie R

melmommy said...

Okay, so you've got to tell me how to get there. Can you only get there by 4-wheeler? That is spectacular.


Deb said...
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Deb said...

I'm so rattled Justin!!LOL The pictures are really tiny and when I click on them nothing happens! Argh! Explain why you live there??

Can I give you some trivia? A long time ago I knew your uncle Tom! I lived in an apartment just above him in the building on "P" street in SLC. If Tommy was his first born child then I made a cute little pair of baby sized leather mocassins for him!!

Debbie Jacobi (Debbie Lane at the time I knew Tom)

Deb said...

Sorry to make a mess of your blog!!LOL

Anonymous said...

You are right it is "Heaven on Earth" I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I have discovered a few of those secret getaways. I was riding a horse in May and thought what a beautiful sight just before I fell off the horse. LOL Thank you for sharing

Adam and Jessica Cooley said...

Awesome pics! I was just up Ephraim Canyon that same weekend but we didn't see anything that spectacular! We did see some pretty butterflies though. You'll have to let us in on the secret so next time we visit Manti we can check out some gorgeous views too!!