Monday, August 4, 2008

Osmonds / Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Hello Family and Friends,


I just landed in MN, but I needed to get this off my mind before I hit the sack tonight.


The last three days will be memories never to be forgotten!   Our family performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir/SLC Temple Orchestra.   The spirit was soooooo strong!   During each performance,  they got three separate standing ovations!   In the history of the Conference Center, this has never happened!    The First Presidency were having so much fun as they danced the night away!   It was an honor to meet each one of the 1st Presidency!  They are truly Men of God! 


This morning,  I got to sit right next to President Monson as I interpreted in ASL right in front of the stage for my Uncle Tom.   I will never forget this moment.  It was the most majestic view ever!  Seeing my dad up on stage singing his heart out with the Motab!   I started to cry and it just kept coming non-stop!  


Then after the third show Sunday Morning "Music and the Spoken Word,"  President Monson went up and gave a very special presentation to my dad and uncles.  The Prophet of God then mentioned to my dad, "I am your  spokesperson and advocate."  That truly sent a chill up my spine as I truly ponder those words.  Then he had them turn away from the audience and face the Mormon Tab Choir.   The Choir then sang 'Til we Meet Again.'   It was right here where I lost it!   I not only heard the Choir sing,  but I heard concourses of angels join the musical throng of the Mormon Tab Choir.   It will be an experience never to be forgotten.


I am so proud of my dad this night…





Anonymous said...

I was there on the first night of the performances. (Friday) It was so much fun watching you jam in ASL I miss that since you did it so often in Ephraim at Snow. I was there in 98-99 and your sweet brother was in my Bishopbric. Be sure to tell travis Hello for me . You are so AWESOME

Kathy said...

I wish I could have been there! I would have loved to see you interpret for your Uncle Tom too :) I have heard wonderful things about the preformance with the Tabernacle.
I hope all is well with you :)

Z Lister said...

You did an amazing (and entertaining) job interpreting for the show! It was great to watch you and even better to have met you! You are a kind person and doing so much good. Keep up the good work.

Jesse said...

It was a great concert. Glad to hear that it was such a special experience for your family and all those involved.

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to finally meet you at this fabulous event......I am SO glad we changed our travel plans to be able to attend.
I know you won't remember meeting me as you spoke to so many people that weekend but Debz was thrilled that you sent her a hug :)


Anonymous said...

I just attended the single adult fireside you presented January 11, 2009. Even though I felt like the next generation amongst the audience, I thoroughly enjoyed the spirit you brought. I found your motivational thoughts to be inspiring and very universal, and I was particularly touched by your depiction of The First Vision.

I'm sorry not to have met you, but I sat 2 rows back from your family, directly behind your brother. Thank you for helping me see more possibilities for the future.